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There once was a tiny astronaut.

Who wanted to spend all his time in outer space.

But competition was fierce, and flights to space was scarce.

So the tiny astronaut decided to research the competition.


He searched all over the web and read everything he could find.

And his competition looked really, really good.

He suddenly felt that he trusted them, obviously they knew what they were doing.

They had stories and pictures and other people singing their praises.

It was very strange: even though he didn’t know them, he felt that he trusted them. At least to a certain degree.

Then it hit him: “If I feel this way, so will others.”

“So will the people with the spaceships…”

“What will they find if they researched me?” he thought.

“Will they trust me?”

“Will they pick me?”

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the quality of being trusted and believed in.

If your competitor went to your website today, will you leave a mark?

Will you convert the client?

Will the company with the spaceship pick you?

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